Thursday, February 26, 2015


today is Thursday, right? RIGHT!!? sketchbook excerpts circa 1992 (when Micron Pigmas were still cool to me...)--- (top to bottom) Copycat of Evidence (c) Lost America; Tantrum of Evidence (c) Lost America; Raph of TMNT (c) Eastman & Laird; Heroes in a Halfshell-TMNT (c) Eastman & Laird; The Singing Slasher (c) Vigil & Quinn

Sketchcard and Scratchpads

Random---(top to bottom) Iron Fist (c)Marvel Comics pen & ink on 2 1/2"x 3 1/2"Sketchcard, color pending (will update, natch); a few scratchpad postcards for shits & giggles.

Make no mistake, there is a highly likelihood that I am quite outside of my mind :}

Sketchbook Inkovers

a series of doodles circa 2011-2012, inked over this week (save one exception) using Staedler marker pens I have had laying around for awhile but never bothered to use--- they're the tits! Some have been contrast adjusted in Photoshop, others have been left in their original scanned state because... reasons--- (top to bottom) creepy thing; Sloth of Evidence (c) Lost America; Harode marauder of Pleroma (c) Lost America, pulling a Juggernaut; random bust pencil doodle- nothing to see here; vampiric ghoul dude; amazonian falconess; hulking demon; Cthulhu faced thing; an abominable and nameless thing; orc bust; creepy dog-faced demon; wiffle-ball faced demon; berserk & hulking demon; spiny apparition; underwater beastie and a stylized graffiti inspired apparition; another Cthulhu inspired monster; the serial killer Pitch of Shallow Graves (c) Lost America.

Keep in mind, all of these are just random little doodles from a dated sketchbook, warmed over with fresh ink. Not necessarily exhibition quality content here, just sharing :}

Blackbook Excerpts

more sketches from the blackbook--- (from top to bottom) monster mash doodle page; Cenobite Anvilhead; dinosaur dome; assorted demons (x3); Violent Offender demon of AD (c) Lost America; random demon head; a freestyle zen page that won't scan completely for some reason; detail of previously mentioned freestyle piece; Gigaburos- alternate form of character from HiTek (c) Richard Perez & Lost America

Thursday, January 22, 2015

(New) Custom Bookmark

(New) Custom Bookmark--- Zebra brushpen, Pilot Precise fine & extra fine pens on 2" x 6" bookmark blank. 

Black-book-ology (no roses edition)

More random sketchings from the blackbook, circa end of 2014 to present day 2015...Zebra brushpen, Pilot Precise fine pens, Copic Sketch (colors) and Shinhan touch marker for some of the larger spotblacks.

A busload of demons and dragons, a few zentangle freehand pieces, a caricatured portrait and a cave-babe.