Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sketchbook Inkovers

a series of doodles circa 2011-2012, inked over this week (save one exception) using Staedler marker pens I have had laying around for awhile but never bothered to use--- they're the tits! Some have been contrast adjusted in Photoshop, others have been left in their original scanned state because... reasons--- (top to bottom) creepy thing; Sloth of Evidence (c) Lost America; Harode marauder of Pleroma (c) Lost America, pulling a Juggernaut; random bust pencil doodle- nothing to see here; vampiric ghoul dude; amazonian falconess; hulking demon; Cthulhu faced thing; an abominable and nameless thing; orc bust; creepy dog-faced demon; wiffle-ball faced demon; berserk & hulking demon; spiny apparition; underwater beastie and a stylized graffiti inspired apparition; another Cthulhu inspired monster; the serial killer Pitch of Shallow Graves (c) Lost America.

Keep in mind, all of these are just random little doodles from a dated sketchbook, warmed over with fresh ink. Not necessarily exhibition quality content here, just sharing :}

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